Saturday, March 7, 2009

Poor Me..

Today, I'm having a pity party and you're invited... Since Sydney was born 5 1/2 years ago, my monthly visits from mother nature have become increasingly brutal. So much so, that in Novemeber, I spent two days in the hospital with what the Dr's originally diagnosed as appendicitis. Turns out, it was only a really bad cycle. Since then, they've not been bad enough to be admitted to the hospital, but still enough to ruin at least a week out of every month. I'm tired and discouraged and wondering what to do next. My OB/GYN prescribed birth control pills, but they literally made me crazy while I was on them. I just couldn't function normally. (Ask Brad; it was terrible.) Now, I'm wondering if I should just elect to have a hysterectomy and be done with this junk forever, but the thought of doing something so permanent freaks me out a little.
Anyway... I know there are many, many people out there that have much bigger health issues to deal with and I really shouldn't be complaining. However, this issue is really beginning to effect my quality of life and something is going to have to be decided very soon. Keep me in your prayers if you think of it. I really appreciate it. (o: