Monday, December 14, 2009

No Time Like the Present... (Original Post 12/14/09)

Why wait until 2010 to get started with my New Year's Resolution when I'm perfectly ready to start TODAY?!
As you may or may not already know, I'm addicted to The Grocery Game. If you are responsible for budgeting and shopping for your household and you enjoy saving money, you've got to check it out. Here's the link:

For a small (very small) fee, this site allows you to print a grocery/item list for any one or all four of the stores that they offer and tells you what coupons to pair with which sales for the best prices. I save, on average, 60% of my weekly grocery bill by using The Grocery Game. Is that exciting, or what?! Ok, clearly you're not as excited as I am but, keep reading... You will be. I promise... (=

Take a look at at all the good stuff I came home with after visiting Albertson's, King Soopers, Safeway and Walgreens:

You're looking at $441.09 worth of groceries right now. Can you believe that?! The picture just doesn't do it justice... The items in that picture will keep our family of 5 fed for the next 3 weeks. Yay! The most exciting part of this picture, though, is that I didn't pay anywhere close to $441.09 for all of these groceries. I paid nearly 60% less by combining coupons and store sales. My total out of pocket expense for all of these items was $204.34. Do the math, people. That's less than $70.00 per week to feed 5 people. Awesome...

Keep in mind that I've been using The Grocery Game for about 4 or 5 months and have spent countless Sundays clipping coupons out of the paper. We set aside some of the money we saved on groceries and invested in an inexpensive pantry and a used deep freezer. By purchasing those two things, we're able to stock up on non-perishable items and freezer items when they are priced especially low. I love that there is always food in the house. Even when I haven't planned my menu, I can usually whip something up for dinner with ingredients I have on hand. I love it.

So... Welcome to my world. (=

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Kimberlee said...

I love the couponing and bargains that are out there to be found! Have you looked at hip2save dot com? She always has some great deals! I also love SouthernSavers dot com. She does a lot of what Grocery Game does, only she covers a lot of the stores that we have here in the south! It all takes a little time and organization, but I think it is fun too!