Thursday, November 6, 2008

10 Years

Today is no different than any other day I've had lately, except that today marks the day 10 years ago that Brad and I were married. There was a time not so long ago that this day seemed as if it would never happen. I am so thankful that God's plan is bigger than my own.
Thank you to all of you who have prayed for and supported us over the years. Your friendship is everything.
And, to those of you who haven't, stop reading my blog and mind your own business!! (o:
We're heading to the mountains for a few days of r&r. Love to you all and we'll see ya when we return!

P.S. I love you, Brad. Happy Anniversary!


Jennifer said...

Congrats! We'll be right along with you in April! Sometimes it seems like 25 years, other days only 2 years! Cheers :)

Angie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Shellie and Family said...

Thanks, girls! Time flies, doesn't it?

Tarah said...

I'm really so happy for you two! It's always amazing to look back at God's faithfulness!