Sunday, November 16, 2008

Garden of the Gods and UFC 91

Last week, Ginna had a field trip to Garden of the Gods. I've lived here in the Springs nearly all my life and had only ever driven through the park, so I was really looking forward to the hike and guided tour. The weather was nice and warm, but the wind blew at 50 mph the entire time we were there. Aside from that, we had a nice time.
Gin's BFF, Valerie got to ride with us, which she and Gin both were very excited about. Valerie is a sweet little girl and I'm thankful that Ginna has such a good friend this year.

This is really the only decent picture I got while we were there. It was just too windy!
Saturday night was UFC 91. Those of you who know us well know that we're HUGE UFC fans. We get made fun of A LOT for it, but it's something we enjoy doing together.
Gearing up for the fight... Some of our friends were supposed
watch the fights with us, but they got a better offer. We're not bitter, though.
Sadly, the main event was a bit of a disappointment... )o:

Acting like a fool always makes me feel better! (o:


HatMadder said...

Bah! You know, you guys could have come out... :)

The next few fights are a must though! We will be there!!! I do have to say, the fights overall were not that great. Can't believe Randy lost that way.

Shellie and Family said...

Ha ha... I wondered when you or your wife would notice this.
Ya - we were pretty bummed at Randy's loss. Lesnar's a force to be reckoned with... I still don't like him. (o:

Tarah said...

Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday we were the ones going on field trips and now we're taking our kids!?? It's fun though!

You and Brad are’s great to have something you both love! : )

Shellie and Family said...

I know! I'm so thankful to be home with them again so that I can be at all of their school events...
Thanks for not making fun of us! LOL! (o: